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Domains Explained

A domain name can make or break a website. Get it right and everyone will remember it for good, get it wrong and they will never memorize your website's name. Therefore, you should choose a domain that is directly connected with your website's content, your personal name or your company's name. For example, the website of – an acclaimed ICANN-recognized domain registrar and hosting company, is https://hostingadvocate.com. This domain name is instantaneously associated with the name of the company and with web hosting services in general, rendering it easy for the company's business associates and customers to discover it online.

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But remember that your private or corporate domain names do not necessarily have to end with .com, where options are restricted. Actually, there is a practically limitless array of top-level domain name extensions to choose from, among them .MOBI – for mobile websites, .TV – for TV or video-related sites, .NAME and .ME – for personal web sites, .CO, .NU and .WS – regarded as .COM equivalents, and virtually any country-specific domain that comes to your mind. A UK-based site might gain bigger popularity if it uses a .CO.UK top-level domain name. However, if your business is in Canada or the United States, .CA or .US might be a more intelligent option.

A point & click Domain Manager for your domain names

grants you access to a point-and-click Domain Manager tool for managing all your domain registration settings, including WHOIS data, name servers, custom DNS records and so on. The Domain Manager tool is incorporated into 's web hosting Control Panel. With , you have two choices – (1) to register or transfer your domains at a modest price with the company's free Domain Manager plan, or (2) to opt for any of 's low-cost shared web hosting plans. They include the company's free one-click web apps installation tool and a number of free web site skins. You can set up your very own site almost instantaneously, even if you have only basic PC literacy.

So, sign up right away with – the quickest and most economical way to bring your site online with only a few clicks!