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How Does Cloud Website Hosting Operate?

Cloud website hosting is a quite modish phrase these days. Still, just a few realize what it does really signify. The majority of the website hosting firms speculate feverishly about services characterized as being 'cloud hosting'. Especially the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting companies. Because of the absolute shortage of fresh business ideas, the cPanel web hosts are merely using voguish words, attempting to allure more website hosting clients with disingenuous marketing methods.

cPanel - a one server web hosting platform

To cut a long story short, cPanel is a one server website hosting platform. One web server serves all website hosting services simultaneously. On the other hand, the cloud website hosting platform necessitates each separate hosting service, such as web space, electronic mail, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, stats, web hosting Control Panel, backup, etc. to be served by different bunches of leading edge web servers in a cluster. All the clusters compose the so called 'cloud'. With cPanel, the aforesaid web hosting services are all being served at the same time by one single server. This suggests that no 'clouds' can be noticed around cPanel-based web hosting companies. Not even a single cloud...

The massive marketing scam with cloud website hosting accounts

Be careful with the countless deceitful statements guaranteeing you 'cloud hosting' accounts, mainly made by cPanel hosting providers. When a cPanel hosting wholesaler snootily claims that a 'cloud' web hosting service is being offered, examine if it's not a haze or a smog first. Almost everyone speculates with the word 'cloud', eventually counting on the circumstance that the majority of the users do not know what it does indeed stand for.

Let's be more optimistic and return to the actual cloud website hosting services.

Hepsia - a cloud website hosting Control Panel solution

Hepsia is a last generation cloud website hosting solution combined with a powerful easy-to-use website hosting Control Panel. Both, the cloud website hosting solution and the respective website hosting CP are conceived by ResellersPanel.com - a top-ranked reseller hosting trader ever since year 2003. Sadly, it's a quite rare thing to stumble on a web hosting company delivering a cloud website hosting solution on the market. For unfamiliar reasons, Google prefers cPanel-based web hosting distributors chiefly. This is why we believe it's commendable for those who require a website hosting solution to know a little bit more about the Hepsia cloud website hosting platform.

Hepsia - the multi-server cloud website hosting platform

Each website hosting service dash in Hepsia's 'cloud' is tackled by a different stack of web servers, devoted only to the given service at hand, sharing out the load generated. Thus, the web hosting CP is being handled by a different cluster of servers, which serve the web hosting CP only and nothing beside it. There is another host of servers for the electronic mail, one more for the web space, another for the backup, one more for the stats, another for the MySQL databases, one more for the PostgreSQL databases, etc. All these stacks of web servers function as one whole hosting service, the so-called 'cloud website hosting' service.

Cloud website hosting services with

We have picked Hepsia as our main hosting platform, so that we can provide high-end cloud website hosting services to our clients. All of our hosting offers features the Hepsia CP and all of it's free bonuses. But don't take our word for it, you can go check things for yourself in the control panel demo.