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How Does Dedicated Hosting Function?

Dedicated hosting refers to a service where the customer leases an entire hosting server and does not share its resources with anybody else. The essential advantage of the dedicated hosting platform over the shared web hosting one is its power and flexibility. With a dedicated hosting server, the customers have full independence and complete command over their online presence.

Premium-Quality Dedicated Hosting Services

With the dedicated servers offered by us, you will be able to pick an OS for your physical machine and install any software supported by it thanks to the root access you are given and the SSH connection. All dedicated server packages offer powerful hardware configurations, a stable network connectivity, one dedicated IP address and ample hard drive space, monthly traffic and RAM memory allowances for your expanding hosting demands. Each and every dedicated hosting server is backed up by a ninety-nine point nine percent server uptime service-level agreement and is set up on your behalf for free. You can make use of the Memcache distributed memory caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator. What's more, you are offered PostgreSQL, NodeJS and InnoDB support, as well as a Control Panel of your linking. The Hepsia and DirectAdmin web hosting Control Panels are free of cost, but you can also request cPanel as an upgrade.

Additional Features and Upgrades

And in case you need assistance in managing your dedicated web server, you could consider using our administration services. The latter differ with the different web hosting distributors. At , we offer up to 50 GB of data backup storage space, weekly weekly Operating System updates, server monitoring, custom software activation and script troubleshooting services. All these upgrades are offered during the registration procedure, but you can also order them from your Dedicated Plan Manager at a later time.