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Low-Cost Shared Hosting Solutions

With the soaring number of people wanting to host their very own personal sites has appeared an expanding necessity for more affordable web hosting services. Since there are lots of web hosting distributors offering hosting services, the rivalry is huge and has caused the introduction of low-priced, but stable hosting solutions on the market.

Web Hosting Alternatives

There are different types of web hosting services: Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Servers (VPSs), shared web hosting and free hosting packages. Out of all these hosting services, the shared web hosting solution has attracted the largest amount of clients, since it is both inexpensively priced and stable, without any adverts and typically with lots of features. Each shared web hosting account on a shared web hosting server has to abide by given resource usage limits. This permits plenty of hosting account holders to be hosted on the same web server without interfering with each other, thus lowering the cost of the hosting service.

Hosting Packages That Suit Your Allowance

A lot of web hosting companies, including , have already begun offering unlimited monthly bandwidth and web space quotas. Different web hosting plans include a different amount of allowed hosted domains, so depending on how many web sites you want to host under a single hosting account, you can select between several cheap web hosting packages. 's' web hosting packages are cut-rate, fitting the expression "budget hosting" ideally, and you can choose between monthly and annual billing options depending on your funds.

Extra Bonuses

Besides offering flexible budget hosting plans, also offers a free-of-charge domain name with each shared web hosting plan. When examining our user-friendly hosting Control Panel, you'll be gladly stunned not just by the myriad of features in the File Manager, but also by the very intuitive web application installation tool and the site building tool (Site Studio) offering a lot of web site themes. These two innovative tools will permit you to swiftly build a site from scratch without the need to have any programming experience.

Initial Simple Procedures

Whether you want to create a personal weblog or a corporate web site, the Site Studio web site building tool includes web site templates for both types of web sites. All you have to do is choose the type of web site and then select a web site template from the many available. If you wish to create a weblog, a photo album or an online shop, the PHP script installer will provide you with lots of PHP web apps you can make use of. All of them can be installed with simply several mouse clicks without the need to refer to any installation instructions. All this spares you the cash you would have had to spend on web design services – if you aren't capable of developing web sites yourself.

Got Email If You Want It

All web hosting plans already include electronic mail services as well. Like other corporations in the hosting business, also offers electronic mail services. With our web hosting Control Panel, though, which has a built-in webmail platform, managing your mailbox accounts will be much easier. You can utilize it to access your email account from any place, without requiring an electronic mail client – if you do not have one. You can also access your e-mailbox using any e-mail client, including Outlook and Thunderbird, or even through your iPhone or iPad. Whenever you hesitate about how to move on or what to do, there is a huge FAQ section with comprehensible step-by-step tutorials.